Treating Allergies at Home Without Medicines

Allergies are a very common bodily hypersensitivity to the environment. Symptoms include stuffy nose, headache, sinus pressure, sore throat, postnasal drip, and fatigue.

A very effective treatment strategy for allergies and environmental sensitivities is avoidance. Simply by avoiding the things we are allergic to, we can have an improvement in symptoms. For instance, a patient who is very allergic to grass pollens, may wish to reconsider playing golf on the day the grounds crew cuts their favorite golf course. Go to the movies that day instead! Similarly, a patient with severe dust allergies may add an air filter to their house and office, or remove carpeting from the bedroom.

Since total avoidance is often not practical, then additional steps may be taken. Dilution or removal of nasal allergens (allergy provoking materials found in the environment) is possible with the use of simple nasal saline (salt water) sprays. Several nasal saline sprays are available over-the-counter.

Generally speaking, we prefer nasal saline sprays that are marked as isotonic (or ‘normal’) saline, not hypertonic. This isotonic saline more closely matches the salt concentrations within the body, thereby achieving desired outcome without over-drying the nose. Similarly, so-called ‘buffered’ nasal sprays may be favored for patient comfort.

Taking this concept of nasal saline sprays to the next level involves using commercially available high-volume nasal and sinus rinses. We favor those rinses that are commercially prepared and typically utilize prepackaged salt packets to be mixed at home with a clean or sterile water source. By using this method of prepackaged standardized salt packets, one can more closely approximate the normal salt concentrations of our own bodies.

So, for treatment of allergies, first consider avoidance of allergens. Next, consider elimination and/or dilution of these allergens within the nose utilizing saline sprays. Finally, you can consider using high-volume nasal saline nasal and sinus rinses.

If trying the above methods is not helpful, patients can also consider over-the-counter remedies for allergies. Be on the lookout for our upcoming blog that addresses the issue of over-the-counter medications for allergies.

To determine what you are allergic to, you can have allergy testing safely performed in the office in about an hour. Allergy testing for environmental sensitivities and food allergies is easily available through Dr. Sharma‘s office. Why suffer longer? Call today for an appointment Jupiter Office Phone Number 561-277-0699. We are accepting new patients.

Above represents general medical discussion and is not intended as specific advice for any patient, especially those with suspected or documented serious or severe allergies. We always recommend checking with your primary physician before changing your health routine in any way.

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