Trusted ENT Doctor in Jupiter Florida discusses Allergies

Allergies are a patient’s hypersensitivity to substances in their environment.  In other words, if you have allergies, your body creates a response, an overreaction, to environmental factors which way may not bother others.

A ‘high pollen day’ or dusty room may not bother your friend, but leaves your sneezy, stuffy, and miserable.

It has been estimated that more than 50% of people who suffer from ear, nose, or throat conditions also suffer from allergies.

Common ways that allergies show themselves in the body include postnasal drip, stuffy nose, itchy nose, runny nose, and snoring.  Other, perhaps less obvious, symptoms may include sore throat, cough, ear pain, excessive fatigue, irritability, and depression.

With our current technology, testing for allergies can be performed safely and quickly in the office setting.  In our practice, we test for common South Florida environmental sensitivities (and other worldwide sensitivities) and numerous food allergies.  Comprehensive allergy testing in our practice can be done safely in the office in a little over an hour.

Treatment for allergies can be as simple as avoidance of items and substances to which you are allergic.  This can be quite simple.  For instance, if a person is allergic to shellfish, then he or she can simply avoid shellfish from the menu.

However, in beautiful and sunny South Florida, it may be impossible to avoid grass or tree pollen, or even mold and mildews.  Another common allergy is sensitivity to dust, which is present on every continent.

For patients who simple avoidance is not enough, common medical allergy treatments include oral medications and various types of nasal sprays.  Both oral medications and nasal sprays can be available over-the-counter.  Others are available by prescription only.  Dr. Sharma can discuss with you what is best for your unique allergy profile, underlying medical conditions, lifestyle, and budget.

For some patients, daily allergy medications may only temporarily mask the underlying issue of moderate or severe allergic sensitivities.  Often, patients are seeking a more permanent solution.

With today’s technology, immunotherapy can provide a more permanent solution.  The basic concept behind immunotherapy is to improve the body’s tolerance to environmental factors which we cannot avoid.  Historically, allergy shots have been performed for generations with solid, predictable results.  In our practice, we have had great success with improving patient’s quality of life with immunotherapy.

Many patients find are Needle Free Immunotherapy better suited to their busy lifestyle.  Dr. Sharma can discuss the appropriateness of this cutting edge therapy for you.

Finally, an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT or also called an Otolaryngologist), like Dr Sharma, is best suited to determine how much of your symptoms may be related to allergies, and how much may be related to other underlying medical conditions.

All too often, in our practice, we see patients who are treated for allergies elsewhere for years, but have not undergone simple yet comprehensive evaluation for other conditions.  Their results and progress can be poor.

Most commonly, we find patients with chronic sinusitis associated with allergies have not been appropriately screened for and diagnosed with sinusitis.  Treatment for these two conditions is different.

Only an ENT physician, like Dr Sharma, trains and practices in the medical and surgical management of allergy and sinus conditions.  Our Jupiter office is the premier North County (Palm Beach) location for easy, but comprehensive Allergy Evaluation.

Dr Sharma regularly attends national and international meetings for allergy and sinus issues.

Dr. Sharma’s office is located at 601 University Blvd #201, Jupiter, FL 33458.

Why wait.  Call today Jupiter Office Phone Number 561-277-0699.  Take on your allergies and improve your quality of life!

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