What Is Latera?

Latera is a body absorbable nasal implant state-of-the-art solution to an age-old problem – nasal valve collapse.

Do you have difficulty breathing through your nose? Do you find relief with Breathe Right nasal strips? Maybe you’ve unintentionally done the Cottle maneuver (pictured below) and found relief. If so, you may be suffering from nasal valve collapse.

Example of the cottle maneuver being performed
But do not fret! Dr. Sharma, having achieved Board Certification in Otolaryngology (ENT), as well as Facial Plastic Surgery, has extensive experience with nasal obstruction in general, and nasal valve collapse specifically.

The nasal valve is so important! You may have seen adhesive strips like Breathe Right on athletes’ noses.

As seen in the figure below the nose is like a triangle, with the valves located on each side of the nose. They hold open the entryway of the nose, regulating airflow.
Bottom view of the structure of the nose
With deep inhalation through the nose, the sidewall of the nostril can pull in, obstructing normal nasal airflow.

Frequently, people are born with a predilection for nasal valve collapse. This blockage becomes more apparent as they become older. Or often, nasal valve collapse may be the result of previous surgery, especially cosmetic rhinoplasty or skin cancer excision.

Latera absorbable nasal implants are utilized to strengthen and improve the function of the nasal valve. Latera is used to support the cartilage in the nose, reinforcing the nasal wall. This may reduce nasal airway obstruction symptoms helping patients breathe better. Dr. Sharma has extensive experience in using these devices. Amazingly, procedures typically take less than five minutes.

Picture of nasal valve anatomy
Side view of a nose

Most major insurance companies cover the procedure and implants, and results have been fantastic. For the vast majority of patients, this procedure is performed in the operating room.

This polymer implant reconstruction method has proven to give fantastic results, especially when performed together with other nasal procedures. Dr. Sharma has performed hundreds of these procedures and is a local expert in this arena.

Until very recently, the surgical management of nasal valve collapse has been problematic, with multiple possible surgical approaches, sometimes with unpredictable results for the nasal airway.

If you have difficulty breathing well through your nose, you are overdue to see a real expert.

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