Propel™ Sinus Implants

One of the greatest innovations new to sinus surgery over the past decade is the use of FDA approved sinus stents. These implants have improved results from sinus procedures as measured by patient satisfaction and less need for revision or additional sinus procedures. When appropriate, Dr. Sharma uses Propel™ sinus implants for sinus procedures in the office and in the operating room.

The implants are made of a space-age body absorbable polymer which releases anti-inflammatory (steroid) medication to the tissues at the time of sinus procedures. Unique in their design, these implants work using a spring-like mechanism to mechanically hold open the sinuses and resist unfavorable scarring, which can create closing down (return of obstruction) of the sinuses.

Propel™ sinus implants are now available in three different sizes and shapes for sinus procedures. Dr. Sharma evaluates and treats each patient with the appropriate implant(s) for their particular need.

The original Propel™ sinus implant is placed within the largest sinus cavity (ethmoid sinus) located between the eye sockets. These implants have FDA approval to remain within the sinuses as they are absorbed. However, frequently, Dr. Sharma removes these implants between 1 to 2 weeks after their placement, thereby maximizing their effectiveness.

Other shapes and sizes include the Propel™ Mini sinus implant which is most frequently used in the frontal (forehead) sinus, and at times, the sphenoid (‘central’) sinus.

The most recent sinus implant of this type is the Propel™ Contour implant. Dr. Sharma has the distinction of being the first surgeon in Palm Beach County to use the Propel™ Contour implant during an office procedure. It is most frequently used within the maxillary (cheek) sinus or frontal (forehead) sinus. However, because of its unique design, the Contour implant is very versatile and can be used in any of the major sinus groupings.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies cover new technologies, including sinus implants. Dr. Sharma helps to educate his patients on the appropriateness of using this technology for their unique medical condition. When appropriate, Dr. Sharma’s office staff is expert on determining whether this technology is an out of pocket expense or can be applied to a patient’s health insurance.

Use of advanced technologies, including sinus stents, has helped Dr. Sharma to achieve outstanding results in his patients with sinus and allergy issues. Please contact us today if you desire evaluation and an improvement in quality of life.

For more information about Propel™ Sinus Implants or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma, call our office today. We look forward to meeting you!

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